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QA Wolf v2 Getting Started

I’m a bug writing machine, all developers are! We’re only human after all.


Playwright is neat n’ all, it’s the main ‘evergreen’ browsers all on one package, so that’s Chromium, Firefox and Webkit (Safari).


Use different browsers

If you want to use the other browsers that are part of QA Wolf you can specify them in the launch function:

1const { context } = await launch({ browser: 'firefox' })
2// launch({browser: 'chromium'})
3// launch({ browser: 'firefox' })
4// launch({ browser: 'webkit' })
5const page = await context.newPage()

CI-CD configuration

process.env.URL || ’’

Jon Perl3:18 PM

launch({ browser: ‘firefox’ })

launch({ browser: ‘webkit’ })

launch({ browser: process.env.BROWSER })

Jon Perl3:25 PM

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