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Scott Spence

Cookie policy

Last updated: December 1st 2023

Ok! Let’s have a chat about Cookies, Shall We?

Alright, on, I’m not all about the fuss, but there’s a thing or two you should know about cookies when you’re visiting my site.

Imagine cookies as tiny text notes my website jots down on your device when you swing by. They help the site remember your bits and bobs like language, theme, and such, so you ain’t got to bother with it every time you drop in. Handy, innit?

How am I using them?

Now, I’m keeping it simple, just how I like it. Currently there’s one cookie on, and here’s what it’s for:

  • Name: theme
  • Job: This cookie remembers your theme choice on my site. So, every time you pop by, your favourite look is ready and waiting.
  • Shelf-life: A year. If you don’t visit again in that time it will expire.
  • Type: First-party cookie. Only for this site used nowhere else or shared.

I don’t use cookies for selling ads or following you around the internet. I respect your privacy. For more on that check out the Privacy Policy.

Your choices about cookies

You’re the boss of your cookies. You can tell your browser to accept my cookie, or tell me to do one!

Want to know more about managing your cookies? Check out these guides:

I might tweak this Cookie Policy now and again. If I do, you’ll find the new version here, and I’ll update the “Last Updated” date for you.

Got Questions?

Fancy a chat about my Cookie Policy? Drop me a line at [email protected] or use the contact form.

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