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Scott Spence

Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 14th 2024

Hello, welcome to the privacy policy for, I want to be transparent about anything this site collects from you and what I use it for.

The privacy policy in this site includes these points:

How I collect your information

The only piece of information I collect is your email address if you sign up to receive email updates from me.

I use Buttondown to capture your email address when you give it voluntarily via the email sign up form, you can see their privacy statement here.

The information collected is an email address with no other personal identifying information.

What I do with collected information

I use the collected information (an email address) to send emails to subscribers.

If there is a giveaway being run where I need to send something in the post, like stickers. I will request your address via the email given in the mailing list on Buttondown. Once the package has been sent I will delete any emails with identifying information in them.

What cookies, pixels, and other trackers my site uses and their purpose.

Ok, cookies! On, I use cookies, but keep it simple. I use a cookie to remember your theme choice, that’s it.

The theme cookie is like a handy helper that knows your theme preference every time you drop by. No fuss. If you don’t change then theme then no cookie is set.

You can find more about them both in the Cookie Policy.

I use Fathom Analytics to measure page visits to, they use no cookies, no trackers, you can view the Fathom Analytics privacy statement here.

Any advertising networks and their methods/purposes of data collection and ad delivery.

I don’t use any advertising networks on my site, they all suck!

How users of this site can op-in and op-out of their data being collected and stored.

The data collected by Fathom Analytics is cookieless and is compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR, CCPA, and COPPA.

Browsing data is not being sent to any big tech companies to be sold off.

If you do not want to send anonymous aggregated data to Fathom Analytics you can opt out from the console on this site.

To open the console in the browser use the following key combinations Control+Shift+J in Windows/Linux or Command+Option+J on macOS

Use the following snippet to block tracking:


If you wish to re-enable it use this:


How users of this site can request their data be turned over to them and/or be deleted

As I only collect email addresses for the purposes of the newsletter you can unsubscribe from the mails sent anytime.

If you want to contact me see Contact information for site administrators and I will personally remove your email address from Buttondown.

Contact information for site administrators

If you need to get in touch, email me at [email protected] or use the contact form and I’ll action it straight away.


If you are interested in creating your own privacy page search for these companies, I have no affiliation with them:

  • Termageddon
  • TermsFeed
  • Firebase

Privacy policies simplified

For a way to get to the right information about what the large sites mean in their Terms of Service check out Terms of Service Didn’t Read for a simple breakdown of what the ToS actually means.

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