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Scott Spence

Data Fetching in Svelte

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This means it's probably incomplete and not intended for public consumption.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is over 2 years old, . If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

Here’s an overview of the various ways to fetch data in Svelte. This was inspired by a conversation I had on the Svelte Discord and goes into detail on when and where to use each of the different methods.


So, what’s stopping me from from getting data in a Svelte project via store, endpoint or client?

So, I can make a writable store and get some data from an API, then that’s good, I can get the same data via an endpoint, or via the client.

How do you get yours?

I mainly use an endpoint, I have used a store for a couple of projects.


if I’m not using svelte kit i tend to use a custom ‘fetch store’, that will toggle between idle/ pending/ error/ success state (funnily enough a state machine under the hood).

const fetch = fetch_store(url)
// $ has the data

It looks a bit like:

interface FetchStoreContents<T> = {
  status: 'idle' | 'pending' | 'success' | 'error'
  data?: T | Error | Whatever;

Then i can just {#if $fetch.status === 'pending'} etc. Kinda simple but works nicely This would actually be better as a discriminated union for the TS part, structure same but the types would be different.


I assume you’re using SvelteKit since you’re talking a bit about endpoints.

A store would just be on the client, you’d be missing out on SSR. If you want that the only way is to use endpoints. Doing what @pngwn does with a fetch store definitely makes sense for parts where you do not need SSR though And is also what I do 🥳


Ok, this is reassuring, for the times I have used stores is for local stuff so that cool! and good to know the situations for when to use it.

Like, if you want to render out a list of links from an API and want them SEOable then this isn’t the way to go, if it’s for generating stuff locally, like sending a search query for results in the client then this is a good time to use a store.

Fair comment?


for the fluent svelte docs, I had to turn an array of examples with string source code to svelte components, then re-import them as JS modules and for some reason, I just couldn’t do that in an endpoint I usually use endpoints to move data around


In Svelte Kit I usually use load for initial page data and if I have something like a table to filter e.g. users. For everything else I use a custom function that creates a store and has data, error and loading properties.

Kinda like pngwn… So basically everything that submits a form uses a store fetch function and everything else load for ssr. I’m currently experimenting with letting my Form component handle the fetch.

I was thinking if you have a Form component that handles the values and validation you could also let it handle the fetch and do something like this:

<Form action="/orders" method="post" let:loading>
  <button disabled={loading}>Submit</button>

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