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Scott Spence

Logitech G915 - First Impressions

4 min read
Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is over 3 years old, . If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

The Logitech G915 Ten Keyless (TKL) has been a bit difficult to get hold of recently. If the feel of the keys on the G815 are anything to go by then this keyboard was on my wish list.

I did get one and have been using it for the last week or so now, I actually purchased it mid January but didn’t use it until the last week or so of January, why did I wait? Well, I was going to return it, but I ended up keeping it, more on that later!

How did I get mine

I shouldn’t be allowed near Amazon after a few drinks! I managed to buy a Spanish version of the keyboard (I’m in the UK). When it arrived I was quite shocked to see ES on the front and that the keys were GL Tactile and not clicky, then I checked the order and that was exactly what I had ordered. 🤦‍♀️

I was so wrapped up in actually seeing one was available and that I could purchase it in five instalments that I went and hit that buy button! Thanks Jeff!

Key caps

Because it was the Spanish version of the board all the keycaps legends were in español! But the layout is still ISO so a nice big enter key!

I swapped those keys out with the keys on the G815 bingo bango! I now have a ‘english’ keyboard!

spanish legends

Word of warning if you are considering getting a G815/G819 the keycaps appear to be the same as the keycaps that come with my beloved HAVIT KB395L and I’ve had a look around and there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of after market options for them.



Now I’m using tactile keys, I’ll say that the feel is pretty much the same, the audible click is something I’ll miss but not something I feel.

I do spend a lot of time with my headphones on now whilst working so it’s not a massive loss.

Linus recommends!

What more of an endorsement do you need other than Linus (Sebastian?) of YouTube internet fame land gushing about how nice it is.

What does it have over the G815

No chonky boi cable! Look at that thing! It took up two USB ports too, one for the keyboard ond another for the lighting. 😬

g915 against the g815

The proprietary Logitech LIGHTSPEED connection is great! It works when booting the machine so you can enter the BIOS without having to add a cabled UBS board, something you have to do if using Bluetooth.

Battery life is great, I’ve been using it well over two weeks now and only had to charge it once so far after the initial charge when I opened the box!

What’s it missing over the G815

There’s only a few things that are sacrificed for the smaller form factor of the G915:

  • A number pad 🤦‍♀️
  • A second windows key
  • Dedicated theme keys, they’re hidden under f1-f3 with the FN key to activate them

Things I miss

The G keys on the G815 which I really didn’t get on with to begin with I’ve now become reliant on the G1 button which was linked to the F5 (a web developers favourite key when developing) key, I often find myself hitting the Ctrl key wanting to refresh a page.

With the 104 keys of the G815 my left hand naturally rested between the Tab, Caps, Shift and Ctrl keys and the G keys, now my hand wanders.

There’s also the number pad gone, I have always been accustomed to having a num pad on keyboards, I used to work for a bank and those num pads were essential for number entry.

Now both my hands don’t have the usual bumpers of the G keys and the num pad.

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