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Scott Spence

Patching Gatsby React Router Scroll with patch-package

3 min read
Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is over 3 years old, . If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

This is a very specific issue myself and anyone that uses Gatsby and React router for navigating between headers in their Gatsby sites.

The issue has been documented several times now and the advice I have followed is to add a resolutions to my package.json file.

I’ve found using this approach didn’t give very consistent results so I decided to use patch package again after seeing a comment from lukekarrys on the GitHub asking others to confirm if his approach (using patch package) worked.

Fix broken node modules, instantly

I’ve documented this in the past and I think this is a great way to fix the issue yourself until the package maintainer gets round to fixing it for everyone else.

This is the same approach for any package you want to amend, in this case it’s for gatsby-react-router-scroll.

⚠ Note: this is for version “3.0.15” of gatsby-react-router-scroll.

Step 1, install dependencies

To use patch this package I’m going to need to install patch-package and postinstall-postinstall as development dependencies.

yarn add -D patch-package postinstall-postinstall

FYI: postinstall-postinstall is needed specifically for yarn.

Step 2, remove the resolutions

As I was using the resolutions fix prior to this I’m going to need to remove it from my package.json.

-  "resolutions": {
-    "gatsby-react-router-scroll": "3.0.3"
-  }

Now that the resolutions are removed I’ll run yarn again to install the latest version of gatsby-react-router-scroll ready for patching.

⚠⚠ at the time of writing this it’s at version “3.0.15”. ⚠⚠

Step 3, change the package

Now to change the package in line with Luke’s comment, the file I need to change is located my node_modules folder here:


And the change is removing && scrollPosition === 0 from the scroll-handler.js file (line 107).

-  if (hash && scrollPosition === 0) {
+  if (hash) {
     this.scrollToHash(decodeURI(hash), prevProps);
   } else {
     this.windowScroll(scrollPosition, prevProps);

Step 4, patch the package

Now I want to save this and make it permanent, to patch it, I’ll run patch-package specifying the package I want to patch:

yarn patch-package gatsby-react-router-scroll

This creates a patches folder with the git diff in there of the change I made, it also details the package version in the filename.

Now if I upgrade gatsby-react-router-scroll and the changes I have made are irrelevant then patch package will give me a warning asking me if I want to keep the changes or not. I can then decide if I want to delete the patch or not.

Step 5, postinstall script

Now that’s all done for what I have in my node_modules but what if I were to delete the node_modules folder? This is where patch package comes in, because so far all I’ve done is change the package locally and use patch package to generate the diff between hte two.

Finally add patch-package to the postinstall script in my package.json:

"scripts": {
  "dev": "gatsby develop",
-  "build": "gatsby build"
+  "build": "gatsby build",
+  "postinstall": "patch-package"

This will ensure that the changes I’ve made are applied each time the project is yarn installed.

So if I delete my node_modules folder then yarn install the changes in the .patch file will be applied to the gatsby-react-router-scroll package post install.

Watch me do it on Twitch

Here’s a live stream of me applying the changes with bonus happy dance!


So to wrap up I’ve manually changed one of the dependency packages of Gatsby.

I detailed finding and patching a node_modules package that I didn’t want to wait to be patched so applied the change myself with patch package.

If someone clones the project then their instance of the gatsby-react-router-scroll package will be patched with the changes I have made.

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