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Scott Spence

Testing meta tags with Playwright

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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is over 1 year old, . If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

I recently released a head component that can be used in Svelte projects and I wanted to add tests to it to make sure that it’s working as expected.

I decided to use Playwright to test the component as it comes with the SvelteKit CLI as a config option.

The component

The component is a simple wrapper around the <svelte:head> API that takes in any meta tags and adds them to the head of the page it’s being used in.

The component has the bare minimum needed for meta tags, canonical link, the title and description. There’s also optional tags for Open Graph images and adding a payments pointer with the monetization tag.

The tests

The skeleton project that comes with the SvelteKit CLI has the options to configure Playwright as the testing framework. I decided to use that as it’s already there and I don’t have to configure anything.

The CLI creates a tests directory with a test.ts file in it with a simple test:

test('index page has h1', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('/')
  expect(await page.textContent('h1')).toBe('Welcome to Svead')

I’ll keep that in the file.

Then the first thing I’ll want to check after that would be the canonical. I found how to do this with a combination of the Playwright documentation and the Cypress tests on the Astro SEO component which has been really helpful in helping me identify where there may be some gaps in my own component.

test('head has canonical', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('/')
  const metaDescription = page.locator('link[rel="canonical"]')
  await expect(metaDescription).toHaveAttribute('href', pageURL)

Then for the description tag:

test('head has description', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('/')
  const metaDescription = page.locator('meta[name="description"]')
  await expect(metaDescription).toHaveAttribute(
    'Svead, a component that allows you to set head meta information.'

That’s the basics covered for testing, I used the Playwright VS Code extension for running them locally.

If you want to see the full suite of tests then check out the tests over on the GitHub repo.

This is by no means a complete test suite and I’ll be taking more pointers from the really well written Astro SEO component tests by Jonas Schumacher.

The CI

Now that I have the tests written I want to run them in CI. I was a bit confused about how to do this to begin with so I reached out to Debbie O’Brien who works on the Playwright developer relations team.

Liran Tal chimed in a solution which was to create a GitHub workflow.

It did help! Thanks Liran 🙏

I used that really handy post from Liran to create my own workflow which is on the Svead GitHub repo in the .github/workflows folder.

That’s it, now I have a CI workflow that runs the tests on every push.

What’s next?

Like I mentioned this isn’t a complete suite of tests but enough to give me the confidence it’s functioning as it should. I’ll be adding in more tests to cover the other optional meta tags.

If you want to contribute feel free to open a PR on the Svead GitHub repo.

There's a reactions leaderboard you can check out too.

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