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Scott Spence

VBA Code Export for Version Control Systems

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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is over 7 years old, wow! If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

I have seen the same situation many times now in my career as a VBA Developer about how source code control is managed with VBA projects.

Source control on VBA has long been a bit of a nonsense, there isn’t any really. When I started my first developer role it was talked about in my team why we don’t use it and the best efforts the team did at the time was save the new version to a different folder location and to compare changes in the code from a previous version meant getting a text compare app copy pasting the code into it from the two different versions so you could track what was changed.

My colleague at the time and now very good friend Paul Crook came up with the base of what I have done with the VBA IDE Code Export tool I have just extended some parts of his base that I feel were needed.

What was lacking from Crookie’s code, which I brought up at the time with him was that it only exported *.bas, *.cls and *.frm files I did ask about code contained within the ThisWorkbook and the Sheet* modules. What we decided to do was if there was code in those modules was to abstract it out into its own module, so ThisWorkbook would call out to ThisWorkbook.bas this was a bit of extra work to begin with but ultimately benefited us in the long run with good version control.

I wasn’t keen on how you had to work with this so decided to have a play around with it when I put it on GitHub I decided to try right some of that, I think I may have made some things worse but I’m keen to make another revision of the tool in the future to correct that.

what did you make better

  • added functionality to save code from ThisWorkbook and Sheet*
  • made a .conf file to save the project contents to meaning there were no modules left in the project after export
  • added the ability to specify an import and export location, it was defaulted to the root of where the source workbook was located

what did you mess up

  • added a form, means more validation
  • added ranges to the configuration worksheet for storing locations other than the ThisWorkbook file location
  • didn’t add the new functionality to the existing code

up next

  • possibly remove the old method that copied out the project contents to a module and go full retard with the .conf file

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