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Scott Spence

How to Fix Windows Update Download Error

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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is about 2 years old, . If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

I’ve had this issue a couple of times now and want to document how to resolve it in most cases.

The latest time this happened to me was with the 22H2 insider preview Windows 11 update.

I get a failed update with something like error - 0x8007139f in the system update dialogue.

Run Windows System File Checker

Open a terminal as administrator Windows + x and then a to open a terminal as admin. In the terminal use the /scannow command.

sfc /scannow

Restart, see if you have the same issue. If that didn’t work then next up is to try deleting the SoftwareDistribution folder contents.

How to clear the SoftwareDistribution folder

Open a terminal as administrator, same as in the last section; Windows + x and then a to open a terminal as admin. Use the following commands:

net stop wuauserv
net stop bits

Open the SoftwareDistribution folder with PowerShell using the following command:

explorer C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Delete the contents of the folder then start the services again:

net start wuauserv
net start bits

Restart the machine and try your luck again.

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