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Scott Spence

Making npm Packages with SvelteKit

2 min read
Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Just a word of warning, this post is about 2 years old, . If there's technical information in here it's more than likely out of date.

I have several components that I use across a couple of my SvelteKit projects. I decided to make them into an npm package so that I’m not maintaining them in several places.

Here I’m going to go through the process I followed to develop the package locally then publish it to npm. So first I should tell you about the project. I recently published SvelteKit Embed on npm and it’s a package of components to embed 3rd party media like YouTube videos, Tweets and some other embeds into a Svelte project.

Setting up the project

It’s a normal npm init svelte project. I initialised it with TypeScript as that’s the expected default for packages these days.

The project is a standalone project with all the components I want to use from it in the src/lib/components folder.

There needs to be a index.ts file exporting the components.

├─ src/
│  └─ components/
│  └─ index.ts
└─ package.json

This will be how the components can be accessed in the project, here’s how they’re being exported.

export { default as AnchorFm } from './components/anchor-fm.svelte'

Package the project

I developed the package locally using the sveltekit package command, then installed it from the resulting package folder generated.

# package with sveltekit
pnpm run package
# install local package
pnpm i -D ./package

Now I can validate the components are working locally before publishing to npm.

Publish the project to npm

OnceI’m happy with the state of the package, I can publish it to npm. I’ll need to authenticate with npm first with the npm login command.

I’ll use the npm version command to bump the version number, then run the sveltekit package command.

# authenticate with npm
npm login
# bump version with npm
npm version 0.0.2
# package with sveltekit
pnpm run package
# publish from package directory

Then once the package has been created I’ll be able to change to the package directory and publish it to npm.

cd package
npm publish

npm will prompt me for my authentication credentials, which is a one time password (OTP) for 2FA.

Once it’s published to npm I can then push the Git tags created to GitHub and make a release with it.

# push tags to github
git push --tags


I was able to take all the components I used in several projects and create an npm package with them for reuse in many projects.

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